Saturday, 16 June 2012

Photographing Tiddles

I was going to put 'Pussy' in the header then my inner Mrs Slocombe kicked in and I thought I'd be popping up on ALL SORTS of searches! Mind you, 'Tiddles' could still get me in trouble....

Anyway, it was a genuine title/quandary - As Liz said in her comment on my last post, photos of my cat would be lovely on here. However, beautiful as she is, she is black. I suspect she has chosen this colour with great care as it means her hair shows up on pretty much everything, she can trip me up in the dark, she's hard to find when she sneaks out at night AND she's almost impossible to get a good photo of! If I'm lucky I get a black blob with a couple of eyes showing.

I can't be the only person with this issue, black is a very common cat colour (Its OK, I don't think she read that over my shoulder) so there must be thousands of people out there with digital cameras full of black blobs. Has anyone achieved a good photo of a black cat? Are they just plain unlucky to anyone with a camera? Or should I be purchasing bright pink hair dye? (That's not a serious suggestion, you don't need to call the RSPCA).

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  1. I know that problem too. My Ice is a lovely looking cat but near to impossible to photograph. The best photos are taken in the conservatory on a bright coloured back ground like this one