Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quiet round 'ere innit?

I know, I have been a lax blogger. I did never say I'd be blogging that regularly but a 3 month gap does count as a gap. However, I am still here and still making things, watch this space for the latest news....

'Retro' canes in Fimo Soft, 9x9mm
In the meantime I've just added a new item to Folksy and its a bit of a departure from the norm for WearIts@ - I've put some raw polymer clay canes on sale. If you have experience of working with polymer clay then you'll know what I mean (and you don't, just google!). So far I have only listed some extruded 'retro' canes, these in fact.

This type of cane is made by extruding layers of different colours of clay through a square die on a clay gun. The result is a kind of bullseye effect that runs through, and varies along the length of, the cane. That means no two slices are exactly the same (The 4 ends you can see in the picture are where the same cane has been cut into 4 pieces revealing a new pattern with each cut).

Honestly, there is nothing particularly difficult about making this canes so why am I offering them for sale? Because not everyone has a clay gun or wants to invest in one. I realise many people will be screaming 'That's nothing special!' at the screen right now but there could be someone out there thinking 'Oooo, I could use that pattern.....'. Anyway I'm happy to hear any thoughts on the canes, good, bad or indifferent!


  1. I love these canes, they intrigue me.

    1. Thank you Hannelore! What I find intriguing about them is that you never know what you're going to get until you cut into them. You have a vague idea of course but when you make that cut you are the first person to ever see that particular pattern. Don't worry, I have resisted the urge to cut into the ones for sael!

  2. Hi from another lax blogger.
    Good luck with your idea. You never know until you try:)
    crow cottage