Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ever get the feeling you're being followed?

Well I am! I have my first 'Follower', welcome Edwina!
Honestly, I still don't know what I think about blogging and following and the whole cyberspace thing. I'm trying so hard to get my head around it. I will post about what I'm doing and what I think etc. I won't be telling you about my kids' first steps or the contents of their nappies (this is mainly because I don't have any kids and the cat is fully litter trained).

Does anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable reading these details on other people's blogs? Slightly voyeuristic? Like you're spying on someone else's life? I feel much the same about Facebook sometimes. I know, if you put it online then you should be happy for someone to read it but still...sometimes I just feel a bit creepy for reading it.

Anyway, something I have no qualms about anyone seeing:
Firebird Feather Earrings - New on Folksy today

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  1. Just found your blog on the make and sell webring.

    Yes, I do think some people don't understand that what they put up on blogs is there for all to see:) That's why I can't understand when people get all uppity about their items being on pinterest - if they don't want anyone to see why are they putting it on the web? I don't like those "mummy" blogs either. I like your earrings, though, and I like to see pictures of cats:)
    crow cottage