Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Its a cross between 'Cuprous' meaning of or containing copper and 'Curiosity' meaning either inquisitiveness or a rare and fascinating object. Its also the name for my new Folksy shop selling my copper jewellery items.

There's not a huge range just yet but there are several pairs of dangly earrings - I do believe in plenty of dangle when it comes to earrings!

Tipsy Hearts

There are also a couple of archery related items if that's your thing...

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fortune Favours the Brave...

....She most definately does not favour the girl who left her copper clay, opened, for over a week because she was a bit too chicken to use it all up! Yes, that's right, copper clay. I'm trying new things and hopefully results will appear shortly.

I had a delivery this morning from Emma at EJR beads (speedy, thank you Emma), in the parcel was an item that made me stupidly happy - A tub of Renaissance Wax! I know that shouldn't make me that happy but it did. Now I can finish some of the copper clay pieces at the level of tarnish (just not a nice enough word for the pretty effects you can get) I want. If you've never used the wax before it comes with a little leaflet explaining its history and uses, its 'By Appointment to Her Majesty' and everyfink!
I'm off to wax and polish something right now!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Right, here goes...

...I can do this, I can blog. Other people manage it.

But what if I can't think of anything to say? More to the point what if I can't think of anything to say that anyone wants to read!? Well tough, if I just write what what I'm thinking and doing and someone chooses to read it I am grateful. If no one wants to read it, never mind, it won't hurt....

...will it?