Friday, 25 May 2012

Fortune Favours the Brave...

....She most definately does not favour the girl who left her copper clay, opened, for over a week because she was a bit too chicken to use it all up! Yes, that's right, copper clay. I'm trying new things and hopefully results will appear shortly.

I had a delivery this morning from Emma at EJR beads (speedy, thank you Emma), in the parcel was an item that made me stupidly happy - A tub of Renaissance Wax! I know that shouldn't make me that happy but it did. Now I can finish some of the copper clay pieces at the level of tarnish (just not a nice enough word for the pretty effects you can get) I want. If you've never used the wax before it comes with a little leaflet explaining its history and uses, its 'By Appointment to Her Majesty' and everyfink!
I'm off to wax and polish something right now!

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